Bond House Then and Now

Then & Now

Bond House Then and Now

During World War I, the United States needed money for the war effort and so they sold war bonds. In Lancaster, a small building was built by teenages in 1918, students of the then Stephens Trade High School, to sell those Liberty Bonds. The building was a model of the second Lancaster County Courthouse (1787-1853). It was erected in the southeast corner of Penn Square in front of the Watt and Shand building. Every time a Liberty Bond was sold a bell was rung. The bell, which belonged to a local farmer, was the original bell from the second Courthouse.

Original Courthouse

In the early 1920’s, after the war was over, the building was moved to Buchanan Park next to Franklin and Marshall College. Over the years, the building has been used as storage for playground and recreational equipment. When junior high girls used the park for gym classes the girls sometimes used the building as a place to change clothes.

While so many people in Lancaster do not know where the building came from, or what it was used for, almost everyone has seen the building in the park. When it is completed the building will be preserved for many years in the future. One use for the building has been proposed by Alana Maubury Hunter. Mrs. Hunter, a Lancaster native, has been running Artist-in-Residence programs in a National Park for thirteen years. Her programs would allow children and adults to participate in art classes outside the restored building during spring, summer and fall.

A Tribute to John O. Rineer

John, our Loyalty Day Chairman at the time of the Exterior Renovation, was the champion of the project. His tireless efforts negotiating the donations, general contracting and bringing together the team made it all happen. Unfortunately, he did not live to attend the Dedication ceremony. A weeping Cherry Tree he planted is dedicated in his honor in the park. Veterans events at The Bond House will be held in his honor.

Restore & Maintain

For Phase II, the interior restoration, and maintenance we are seeking volunteers to assist. In kind and monetary donations qualify for a 501(c)(3) tax deduction. Needed:

  • Floor & Carpentry
  • Paint
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Landscape, Gardening

Call: Alana (717)-394-9769

The Bond House Happenings

Summer Camps

Studio arts camps feature calligraphy, journaling, wearable arts, for campers from age 5 to adult.

  • Learn calligraphy with hands-on instruction
  • Create wearable arts and fun refab fashions. Sewing, no-sew projects, bedazzling and painting, printing and calligraphy on fabric


Boost your creative side and learn new techniques at our workshops.

  • Work with qualified instructors to create exciting projects
  • Use your new skills to create new things for your home or business


Our Annual Carnival is always Wednesday-Saturday with the Saturday always being the first Saturday of May. Follow our Facebook page for event updates!

  • Wed & Thurs: 5 Pm - 10 PM,
  • Fri: 5 PM - 11 PM (Fireworks to Follow!)
  • Saturday: 12 PM - 11 PM
  • Proceeds Benefit the Lancaster Loyalty Day Foundation and are used to maintain and beautify Buchanan Park

Capitol Day Frolics

Bond House Then and Now

on the Saturday closest to September 27th each year

Look for activities hosted at the Bond House celebrating Capitol Day

Re-enactments, frolics, dressing in colonial garb, music, art fun and dancing.

All To Celebrate

September 27, 1777 when fourteen members of the Continental Congress met in Lancaster at the courthouse, making Lancaster capitol for a day. The Declaration of Independence was moved for Lancaster for safekeeping as the Battle of Brandywine drew near to Independence Hall.

Image of Buchanan Park

Buchanan Park

Located in Lancaster, PA adjacent to Franklin & Marshall College, on the corner of Race Ave & Buchanan Ave, Buchanan Park is a great place to relax or get some exercise. Mature trees tower over much of the park, which also includes a wide open field for a pick up soccer game or ultimate frisbee match. Bring your dog to the new $500,000 Beau's Dream Dog Park, play in a bocce ball match, enjoy a walk through the rose garden, or just have a seat in the grass to relax in the sun. Bike, sled (even after dark on the lit hill), picnic, swim in the wading pool in summer, there's something for everyone at our lovely Buchanan Park.

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